Topic 3 Learning in communities

GIZEH was also my groupmate on #ONL162 PBL9 She was so eager to learn, very enthusiastic and so dedicated. Her clear and practical analysis of the group process is very valuable for me and others I think. Therefore I reblogged het post about “Learning together”



Learning together

is a great experience. I am rediscovering this in the ONL162 course. However, being part of a group presupposes a delicate balance between individuality and togetherness. It is like going from being a solo dancer to participate in a “Rueda de casino”. Normally you dance salsa in duos, occasionally you take some solo steps and you excel at it but a Rueda consists in many of these duos dancing together in a synchronized way. There’s still little space for improvisation but you have to watch your step otherwise the “Rueda” will be ruined…

Now, seriously, Marcus Lithander from our ONL162 community posted this documentary about collaboration, which I really liked because it says what I knew intuitively it’s just that I couldn’t find better words to say it.

Douglas Thomas, Ass. Professor at the Annenberg School for Communication, said: collaboration is people being the best that they can…

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