Last reflective post of ONL162

My groupmate Sonja of #ONL162 delivered great blogposts of our groupprocess as a PBL group. I think they give the perspective of an well-educated and well-experiences group member on my posts in the same process. That makes these posts valuable. THX Sonia.


So last night we had our last group discussion, and it was a bitter-sweet affair. We had started out as a group of people with disparate backgrounds with varying levels of IT skills and digital literacies, yet we became a team with amazing synergy, energy and dedication.

Why did this group differ that of other groups that I have worked with? We had to overcome language barriers, technical barriers, and the normal group norming processing, yet we became a team within very early days of starting out and maintained throughout the course.

After our last conversation, I sat back and thought about this. I know the role of the facilitator made a huge difference, but I also think that the group members played a major role. We were dedicated, had a sense a humour (we definitely laughed a lot), were sensitive enough to each others’ emotions and spaces, but at…

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