Collaboration, it reminds me of 1979

Collaboration – On the Edge of a New Paradigm? from Open Media Lab on Vimeo.

I was thinking about the seventies, when I was living in a Camphill Community and I was visiting Tvind, Den Rejsende Højskole, in Danmark, that was also a living, learning and working community… I was in Tvind for discovering the learning system and for collecting used clothes for Zimbabwe (Mugabe) in the community, for paying the students travels, that was collaboration…. I lived in communities as a student and it was great!

“Collaboration is about people being the best that they can be in the context that matters the most to them. Rather then being what other people need them to be or everybody being perceived as being equal.” – Douglas Thomas

But what happened to all of this? I have a deja vu these days while working on collaboration. In the early 70’s there was the common goal for democracy, for women’s lib, for workers lib, etc. Also great thoughts about learning by collaborating. In my school for higher education (De Horst, Driebergen, The Netherlands)  we didn’t follow lessons for some months, because we had a strike, and we discussed “democratic learning”, “collaborative learning”, it was a great time, I learned so much…

Why did collaboration fail in the 70-s, as a way of living, learning and working in communities?

Now collaboration is a needed for employability and working with complexity. The “Reputation economy” will change the ways we collaborate. But I have some questions left:

  • What business models will fit the products and services of collaborative groups “Reputation economy”, when making the work available for others? Human activities includes problems with power, status and money.
  • What could we learn/use from the seventies about collaborating effectively?
  • What insights do we have on making collaborative learning, (working and living) effective for everyone (the most)?
  • What insights do we have on making collaborative learning, (working and living) accessible for everyone (the most)?
  • How could we change education as fast as possible to learn to collaborate?

2 thoughts on “Collaboration, it reminds me of 1979

  1. Were you aware that the controlling body of the Tvind organization, the Teachers Group (TG), is a political cult based on communist ideology? Five TG leaders are Interpol fugitives wanted in their native Denmark in connection with a multimillion-dollar tax-fraud and embezzlement scheme.

    Google search: “Planet Aid clothing donation bins a scam?”
    [include quotation marks]

    Further info is included in that YouTube video’s description box.

    1. Thx for your comment. No I wasn’t aware of that! While searching for information about Tvind, I found out that there was more than idealistic goals. That was shocking. Now I am grown up, (36 years later) more critical and distrust but I stll believe in collaboration for education and working

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