No shown at PBL group

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Some participants are not showing up in the online meetings in our PBL group.

One time, twice… three times. The facilitator sent them messages in our learning space Google+, sent some emails, nothing happened…

The atmosphere in the group was getting tensed more and more. Active group members started to grumble on not-participating group members. It is difficult for active and participating group members to think in a positive and constructive way why the not-participating group members don’t show up in the live meetings. Because the non-participating group members are slowing down the group process and undermine the results of the group. So the not-participating group members have great effect on the group process, even though they think they have not…

Not-participating group members force the others to slow down, even to go back or to take another path and that is out of the comfort zone of fast-foward-we-can-work-whith-each-other-active-group-members. It is like a marriage, if your partner wasn’t there it was a lot easier to stay married.

As a co-facilitator I put the question in the group, “what could be the reason for not-participating group members to stay away?” and so we took the next step at the stairs. Let’s think about how we were thinking about this. This is called “Meta cognition”, I learned that word today.

Then I send one non-participating group member a Google+ note and I told him that we missed him soo and that I wanted to Skype with him to get him on track. It happened. The problem was so easy. He just couldn’t find the link of the Doodle, where the dates and times were noted. He wasn’t shore about the Timezones, He didn’t know how to work with the learning spaces…

Of course he could have spent more time to get familiar with these tools like the others did. He could have ask for help… but he didn’t.

But what he did was very impressive… he signed up for Twitter and joined the Tweetchat even if he was a little bit scary. But I was on twitter yesterday and we support each other.

This way of scaffolding I learned from my teacher Lars Uhlin of ONL161, and others of ONL161. I was in Portugal during last project, when I was a participant. I missed a plane and I had to stay longer in Lisbon, so I didn’t show up in the online meeting. Then Lars called me… I was soo surprised. I was important for them, for the group… So I joint the meeting with my iPhone from Lisbon. This was really an “AHA erlebnis… ”

I was someone with added value in the group! Yoehoeeee. That is an amazing feeling!

That was the motivation I needed. My fire was lightened. I think I am getting addicted to it.

And so I thought about our not-participating-but nearly-on-track-again-group-member He was saying very interesting things a month ago when I spoke him on Skype and in the Tweetchat. I felt that he could add value in this group, like the others do also. We can’t miss nobody of our group because everyone has something special we need, something rare, unique, authentic, a special perspective, a special way of saying things, a special analysis… Of course we want to be a great group, with great results, with very intelligent presentations, we want to make the difference and we want to have that incredible feeling of collaboration, we need everyone’s special forces to increase the group results.

I love diversity, although sometimes….

Francisca, 4-11-2016


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