I love Fish

Kay of #ONL161 said on Twitter ” The nerd’s guide to learning everything online ted.com/talks/john_gre… Thanks for sharing @LuptonMandy .”

I looked up the videolink, I watched the video and suddenly I knew why I was so exited to join the #ONL161 course. It was because of the other participants. Doing it together.

Last years I learned and developed myself because Learning is my work. I love my work.  I started some Moocs – never finished a Mooc-, read an awful lot of internet stuf, watched soo many Ted talks and other video’s . But I was sooooo lonely. My motivation was a problem, there was no “schwung”. I didn’t get realy exited. I wanted to knew more, but learning needs time, involvement, cooperation.

I understand why a lot of young people don’t want to learn the way learning is still common. I hate it too. (I am born at 1958.)

So I joined #ONL161. And this year I will be in a PBL group. My god, I hope they forgive my terrible English talking and writing. But I will do my best. And I love the Fish model which we are going to use. I was always interested in Cathy Moores ‘Action Mapping” because it is focussed on the doing part of the job and not on the knowing part. I think the Fish will help us to solve the problems also, but I think that the Fish needs to meet the ‘Action mapping’. to getting things done. Maybe the question “What main findings and solutions do we propose” could be more specific by focussing on the doing-part… i will find out. Maybe I am too practical.

Francisca Frenks



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