Exploiting my difference

Collaboration Experience in the young4ever group

  • I am very engaged in this #ONL161-project because I put a lot of time in writing, thinking, searching and collaborating at this moment. I made time for the project this year, because I learned from last year. In 2015 I was participating as an Open learner and not in a PBL group, I felt shut out. At this moment I have enough time to do my tasks and homework, [FF1; sufficient time for tasks]

I don’t like it that I had my holiday planned in this period, so I will miss something of the course next two weeks.

  1. I am used to be responsible for my own learning and I feel responsible for my own learning. It makes me happy that I learn so much.
    • What I learn in this project is very usable in my work. At this moment I am developing an online course for teachers of higher education to inquire online, synchronous learning activities. So the relevance of this course for my work is great.
      I learned to focus more on a issue to investigate as an individual, but the group has to focus also. Now we are discussing everything, but nothing very deeply. How do we choose a main subject to discuss and to share?These are all components which are named in [FF1; planning skills negotiating skills, talking together, make your thoughts clear to each other, asking questions, make points, learn to focus, make suggestions how the work could be done, explaining.]
    • If there is a lot of interaction in the community I feel like I have to be there, I don’t want to miss something, I wish to join and to participate, otherwise I will be out of the group. I love it when someone react on my notes in the community. I want to be seen as a member and individual. [FF1; Monitoring and feedback]
  • If I am nearly spinning out, because I am very busy with my own work in this context, no one shouts at me, everyone is kind and positive. Lars said: “it is what it is (the course)… It is what you are able to do…” In these words I feel the respect for my autonomy, to be different, to think and work different. I feel encouraged by these words to exploit my difference. I think that is an incredible value for the group work and for me that everyone can be different. (Summative assessments want to make everyone the same) [FF1; Respect for autonomy of learners, how to deal with group members who are unable to participate, deeper learning, because of instructional strategies, building confidence and skills]
  • I worked a lot on my own in the learning business and I am very motivated to work together and to get some input of other group members. I am also used to work with different kind of online platforms so I was totally ready for this Learning experience. The timing of the group formation came on the right time for me. But… I can imagine that some other group members could feel a little bit more convenient if they had had some more time to learn to work with the online platforms before they join the Fish-work in the group. [FF!; Timing of group formation, readiness of learners for group work]
  • And we don’t get a grade for this #ONL161 project ! I don’t have time to learn what someone else thinks that is important for me. I decided already what is important for me. We only have to fill in an Activity tracker for so we could track which activities we joined. That’s all. The content of the Blogs are clear enough about our learning process. [FF1; summative assessments are not relevant]
  • [FF1]1. Brindley, J., Blaschke, L. M., & Walti, C. (2009). Creating effective collaborative learning groups in an online environment. The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, 10(3).

Francisca Frenks



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