Education involves discomfort by nature

I read the article of David S. White and Alison Le Cornu ” Visitors and Residents: A new typology for online engagement.

One sentence triggered me especially: “….. panic amongst “immigrant educators” who now perceive themselves wrong footed and unable to step up the plate…”

I see that panic in daily professional life when a lot of educators and advisors, consultants etcetera think of online learning: “.

They have a lot of reasons why online learning is not the first thing they dream of.

  • ..I am not technical,
  • it is a waist of time,
  • there is so much rubbish on the internet,
  • it is all about nothing,
  • why aren’t my lessons not good enough?
  • students have to behave better, focus more, listen better etc.
  • If we can do it in real life, why should we do in online?
  • What is the value of learning online?
  • Is there any added value if we have such a nice school?

But what is in their minds? Maybe:

  • …I am too old,
  • I can not follow all these trends
  • I am getting soo tired of all those new things
  • I hope I can do it my way for the next 10 years
  • It takes a lot of time to learn all these techniques
  • I think it is another trend which will blow over soon…
  • who am I as a teacher if I can’t give them all the content i was studying for so long…
  • If students know it better, what is my role?
  • How can I help, they are better
  • What do they need exactly in their work? I don’t know how labor market looks like these days. And in 5 years everything is totally different, it is going too fast. I feel like a basket which hangs behind a fast boat..

If educators confirm and recognize :

  1. That changes always comes with some inconvenience, but also with challenges
  2. That education always will change, because the world is changing and so is labor market
  3. That the skill “critical thinking” is the first skill for educators to develop.
  4. That professional development is included in the job as an educator by nature.
  5. That is it is the job of educators to change education when labor market is changing. They get money for it and holidays.
  6. That some people made a list of what is needed in the labor market (21st century skills) so a lot of work is already done.
  7. the need of developing 21st century skills for students, for getting a job, earning money and have food for your family.
  8. the need for professional revising of curricula in speedtempo
  9. the need of developing a new rol for educators because students need the immigrant educators for planning, managing learning, for scaffolding learning, for human interventions, motivation learners, for for asking questions, for developing scenario’s and problems as a base for learning, for networking and structuring work, for helping with inquiries and research….
  10. The role for the “new” educator is very challenging, because as a content provider teachers could make their own video’; so you will be immortal and as a facilitator
  11. the need of integrating the good things of “old school” education, like working seriously and focussed, learning to ask questions and planning your work, to use older people for getting some contex, help, networking, discussions, advise….

Development and education is not scary, it is just inconvenient sometimes, education involves discomfort by nature.

And me?

I had to go online because I had MCS, Multiple Chemical Syndrome. The odeurs of people makes me ill. I could not move my arms, nor my legs and I was getting a brainfog of several hours when I was smelling a man with the perfume Blue de Channel…

So I had to go online. I lived online, At 6:00 in the morning I was Twittering, because I had to earn some money. The illness was not recognised by the government and I was not sick… they say.

So I was angry and I wanted to use all these modern tools to give myself a chance in connecting with people, getting some money and I succeeded. It was very challenging, unexpected, fun. I discovered software for webinars, virtual classes, streaming, online communities, Social Media, online tools etcetera.

I was motivated. My digital literacies are OK now, but i learn everyday.





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