Audio, audio, audio instead of Fish

” Please mute your microphone, If your audio is bad, nobody want to listen to you.” That is what I wanted to shout all the time, this morning. We had our second webinar of PBL group 1 I couldn’t focus, because of that terrible audio.

It is very difficult for newbies to check audio, if you don’t know how to do it. Sometimes audio is working, but the sound is too hard, and you don’t know, because no one is complaining and staying very polite. Sometimes it is working, but not properly, because there are noises in the background. The control panel must be checked, because probably the audio is coming from the webcam…. Sometimes the audio is not working because the computer isn’t updated.

If you have an USB headset most of the time it is working, when you first put the headset in the computer an then start the computer. Yes,  Windows don’t like changes. Sometimes your headset is out of date or you rolled with your chair over the cord of your headset. I had these experiences with students… Sometimes the headset was too cheap and the chip inside was of bad quality. Most of the time a modern USB headset around 40 euro’s is OK.

The first thing we have to do is “audio check” for everyone.

In my own groups we have a “Tech check night”. During one hour in the evening I am online and everyone in the virual classroom is checked. Every lesson the online teachers checks 4 of the 30 students.

We make the rule that you always give feedback on the audio if it is not working properly. Audio is the base of the online session and the first reason why people quit.

This morning we had our 3th webinar and the quality of the audio increased! We also set the ground rules and the most important was the attention for the audio issues. I am so happy.





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